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Mon petit cheri

Etienne de Swardt passato e presente

What’s you favourite perfume (meant as smell)? Sandalwood because of New Caledonia an island in the South Pacific where I was raised, I used to collect piece of sandalwood when I was a child and this scent is my “ madeleine of Proust “ it’s way to fold space and time and travel back to New Caledonia and visit with Just a sniff the memory lane of my 79s and 80s beautiful souvenirs gone with the wind but still vivid through a whiff of this magical essence. How old were you when you met your first perfume? And how did you meet it? Jicky de Guerlain I was 6 it was in Noumea. My grandmother used to bath in her Jicky departed long who now but through Jicky we ... “communicate” in beauty and esthetic. Describe your favourite art work associating it with a perfume The poem of Victor Hugo of Hermann, a horse ride in a dark forest with your spirit torn apart in between hope and despair this oscillation is our lot in life. This perfume is a synesthesia blending poetry and the music of the Doors “ riders on The storm” and a painting world of Tolkien. Hermann a good encapsulation of gothic aspiration😀 Future projects Something related to the soul, the final destination of perfume being a soul collateral force. More on demand feel free to ask

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